Eight Big Mistakes By Buyers

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Eight Big Mistakes By Buyers

Avoid these big 8 mistakes commonly committed by home buyers. We can help you avoid them!


A quick breakdown of costs you may incur while purchasing a home.

Choosing a poor location. Even within a neighborhood, location matters. Is it the busiest street? Is there a shopping center out the back window? Do you back onto a busy street? Are there several dog cages or runs nearby?  Remember never pay a quiet price for a busy location!!!

Choosing the Agent that will be assisting you in your quest. Does the agent have adequate experience in the business? Does he or she know their product? The agent should know enough about houses that when you order an inspection you should feel the structure is worthy.   Is the agent familiar with the area? Remember, you do not want to be a learning curve for your agent!!

Waiting for a better market and interest rates. The famous money expert Warren Buffet says the rear view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.  Remember, the only time you lose money in real estate is when you have to sell in a bad market; it’s much safer than the stock market.

Not doing your homework and being pre-approved by a Financial Institution. Knowledge is power. There is tremendous information on the web so there is no excuse for entering the market unprepared. Remember, know your limitations and don’t look for a new Cadillac if you can only afford a good used car.

Overlooking an inferior floor plan for an attractive exterior. It may have a gorgeous curb appeal, but you don’t live on the lawn. No matter how attractive the exterior, you need a livable home. Remember don’t judge a book by its cover, many a plain exterior have wonderful surprises inside.

Overlooking how the house will function for your family. How do you really live? Do you really need a formal dining room and living room? Would you be happier with an eat-in kitchen and a great room and a den to use as a home office? The house only fits one family-yours. Remember, that doesn’t mean to buy some oddball home because you have unusual tastes – always consider resale.

Not having the home inspected. This is no time for surprises. Get an inspection from a qualified respected professional. Ask the agent and other people for references. Remember, some Home Inspectors are better qualified for different type homes and some may not give you your money’s worth.

Not buying at all. If you have the capability and you don’t purchase, you can lose building equity and the appreciation in value. Most people cannot save money fast enough to keep up with the appreciation of a home. Remember, renting is paying a 100% interest.